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No one should ever die or be injured in a fire. Fire detection alerts us when a problem already exists, so we can respond with fire mitigation methods (such as sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and your fire department). But true fire prevention has yet to be created. At ElertCo, we know we can do better. ElertCo will save lives by bringing HeatSafe Technology to the world, and introducing a new way to defend against electrical fires.

ElertCo (, a Pacific Northwest based life-safety company, has designed and engineered an ecosystem of patent-pending smart devices. These devices prevent fires by detecting heat at electrical connections.  Then, a notification is sent to the user before smoke and/or fire are present. Our initial markets are multi-resident housing, and the marine industry. The technology is being developed to be used in any of the trillions of locations where electrical connections exist.

Blue Water

The Risks

Current Impact of Electrical Fires 

46,700 Annual Home Fires

Average number home fires involving electrical failure or malfunction (NFPA.2022)

Fire & Lightning account for over 1 of 5 of Homeowners Insurance Claims. Imagine if 24.8% of home insurance claims could be could averted each year.

$83,519 is the average claim payout (Forbes. 2023)

11% increase in fires + 27% increase in dollar loss 

Over the past 10 years the frequency of residential electrical fires, and dollar loss has increased. (FEMA)

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