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ElertCo Hardware Solutions

Smart chips installed in devices create a customized ElertCo ecosystem that monitors heat, prevents fires, and protects what really matters - your life, family and property. As ElertCo Continues to grow, our network of solutions will expand in kind. How will ElertCo fit for you?


HeatSafe Technology

ElertCo HeatSafe Technology allows every day electronic devices the ability to monitor the temperature over time. Knowing a device is heating up overtime allows for intervention and prevention of electrical fires and device damage.


HeatSafe Technology and ElertCo Monitoring can make electrical fire a thing of the past. By measuring temperature changes over time and comparison it to environmental temperature changes, HeatSafe Technology can predict when an electrical device is going to fail and cause a fire.


Machine learning enabled tempreature monitoring


Additional environmental temperature monitoring


Easily implemented into any Electrical device or connection



Build custom environments by connecting multiple devices


Safe, reliable reporting in all of the "out of sight, out of mind" areas


Wifi and back up cellular connections ensure safety at all times.

ElertCo Hardware


Heatsafe technologies living within our power strip protect you from your devices overheating

Shore Power Connections

Now your Boat, RV, and other shore power connections can be monitored remotely

More To Come

As ElertCo grows, so to will the ecosystem of HeatSafe Enabled devices

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