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The ElertCo Mission

No one should ever die or be injured in a fire.

Fire detection alerts us when a problem already exists, so we can respond with fire mitigation methods (such as sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and your fire department).

But true fire prevention has yet to be created. 


At ElertCo, we knew we could do better. ElertCo will save lives by bringing true fire prevention to the world by introducing a new way to defend against electrical and heat generated fires.


ElertCo (, a Seattle based life-safety company, has designed and engineered an ecosystem of patent-pending smart devices that prevent fires by detecting heat at and near electrical sources and notifying the user before a fire starts or smoke is present. 


Our initial markets are the consumer, light commercial and marine industries, and the technology can be used in any of the trillions of locations where connections and heat exist. 


Investment Opportunities

ElertCo is actively raising early-stage capital from accredited investors and institutions.  


Contact to set up time with CEO & Founder, Brien Pelham.

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