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The ElertCo hardware solutions provide reliable heat monitoring for any place you plug in. Home boat or RV, we have you covered. Select a product to learn more or visit our solutions page to read more about how we recommend our products be implimented.

ElertCo Power Strip

ElertCo Power Strip provide reliable temperature monitoring anywhere you are. So you can know you Long before you are at risk for fire at home, at Sea, or on the road. Extend 1 outlet to 10 AC connections and 4 USB connections. Utility meets safety.

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ElertCo Wall Plug

Similar to Elertco Power Strips, The Elertco Wall plugs offer Heatsafe Temperature Monitoring remotely while giving you more useful power connections in your Home, Boat, or RV. All with a smart, off the floor design, to help keep your cables neat and tidy.


ElertCo Shore Power Connection

ElertCo Shore Power Connections give you the ability to keep an eye on your most volatile power connection on your boat or RV. Now you can know, anywhere on earth, that your craft is connected properly and intervene if your connection starts to heat up.

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