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ElertCo Monitoring

Machine learning and expert monitoring options ensure safety at all times

Peace of mind,
In the palm of your hand

The Elertco app is your new safety command center. This central location will give you live status readings on all of your ElertCo products; Wherever you are!

Real time heat monitoring, data analytics, reporting, and Mobile Alerts with optional automatic shutoff capability. All features that bring your environment to the 21st century. Machine learning technology studies your environment and protects you from harm.


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Server Room

Machine Learning

By utilizing the most cutting edge machine learning technology, ElertCo monitoring learns about your environment to make smart decisions on when risks arise.

Expert Eyes

Optional professional monitoring allows for true 24/7 peace of mind. You'll still be able to access, and monitor your environments at any time through the app, but ElertCo's monitoring professionals will ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Security Room
Virtual Meeting

Remote Control

When risks arise, take action from anywhere. You, or ElertCo's Monitoring Experts can interact with your devices to take decisive action to prevent damage to property and personal safety.

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